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I'm 23, I live in Texas, and I'm learning the ins and outs of an animistic, ever-morphing faith while trying to balance work, living with my fiance, and trying to remain sane.

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Salvador Dalí tarot deck.
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Thank you Tumblers for sharing this love. Grateful to be apart of it with you~
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Dionysus Offerings


I saw someone - I sadly can’t remember who - do this sometime ago for a different deity and I thought it was a wonderful thing that I would someday like to offer to people. As was mentioned by the person I’ve been influenced by, many people can’t make offerings due to…

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The King of Summers End by JasonEngle
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Hello, I've looked a bit through the FAQ and some answered asks, and I'm sorry if I missed it, but do you have any tips/resources/tutorials on making a dream catcher from scratch? I'm not too educated about it but I think it belongs to Native American culture, so I was wondering, would it be bad to use it being a non-American at all? And if it is, do you know if there are any European equivalents, or anywhere I could search for that? Thank you very very much!

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this is a touchy subject, as it falls into what’s known as cultural appropriation. the short answer is that, in my opinion, it would not be a good idea to appropriate a Native American tradition/craft, especially without being educated on the tradition and its culture. dreamcatchers are traditionally made with a willow hoop and sinew by some Native American cultures (I believe the tradition began with the Ojibwe people and it was shared/adopted by other NA people).

out of respect to the origin culture, I advise finding an alternative. here are some ideas:

here’s an interesting design, though I wouldn’t call it a dreamcatcher (it’s in no way traditionally made, doesn’t really resemble the traditional design). something like this can be used a snare and can be customized for your purposes:


so, yeah! as you can see, there are many open and customizable alternatives you can look into without taking something from NA culture.

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God of: Thunder; summer storms; fertility; agriculture; healing; war; protection; hallowing; traveling. Richard Perkins theorizes that he may have been a god of wind and sailing.

Appearance (note: with the exception of red hair, this is all…

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