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Pagan Ramblings
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I'm 23, I live in Texas, and I'm learning the ins and outs of an animistic, ever-morphing faith while trying to balance work, living with my fiance, and trying to remain sane.

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Rosemary & Lavender : Smokeless Cleansing
For those of you who can’t or prefer not to cleans an area with smoke, this is perfect for dorms, and for those practicing behind closed doors.
Air tight bottle ( anything with a lid ) 
Couple sprigs of Rosemary & Lavender, fresh preferred.
Vodka ( if you can access this water will do )
( optional ) spray bottle ( can be found in dollar stores )
Take the sprigs of lavender and rosemary, ( not to much you have to fit them in your bottle/container ) and tie them together, at the stem. 
fill your bottle half way with vodka, and the rest with water, and stick your herbs heads down.
Let sit for at least a week, shaking lightly.
(optional) if you purchased a spray bottle, after a week transfer your liquid to that, you can place the herbs into the bottle as long as there isn’t any free floating debris. 
For use
When it comes time to use it, simply pull the herbs from the bottle / container, using them to flick the mixture around the space. : Long swiping motions for large areas, and short flicks for small spaces. If your mixture is in a spray bottle simply spray it in the area needed. 
For storing
For storing keep enclosed, and watch to see if the herbs need to be replaced or simply taken out.
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Hello, I was referred to you by pomegranateandivy and I was wondering if you had any experience with servitors, thoughtforms, egregores, constructs, etc. I am looking to learn more about the subject since I want to try and incorporate them into my studies. Any information you have will be useful (:

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Hi there :)

My only first-hand experience with this has been in conjunction with my Alchemy studies - One of my assignments was to construct a homunculus. I wrote briefly about the construction process [here], but didn’t go into any details for the imbuement and contract-setting portions of the process.

I do, however, have a few links I can share with you.

I wish I had more personal experience to share on the subject, but I haven’t fully explored this area yet myself. But I do hope some of the above will be helpful for you!

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Storm Witch’s Cleansing Bath Sachet


You’ll need:
° thin fabric
° chamomile
° rose petals
° sage
° peppermint
° raspberry
° rosemary
° sandalwood
° thread

Toss everything into the fabric and tie it up, and you can either put it directly in the bath water or attach it to the faucet. These herbs stimulate cleansing, healing, and self love.

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Mythology Meme:  Nine Greek Gods/Goddesses—Hermes

"A radiant boy appeared, naked except for a youth’s cloak draped over his left shoulder; his blonde hair made him the cynosure of all eyes. Tiny wings of gold were projecting from his locks, in which they had been fastened symmetrically on both sides. The herald’s staff and the wand which he carried identified him as Mercurius."

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Seven of Wands
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Eight of Wands
Julia Iredale
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It’s time for Saturday Spreads!
This week, I bring you a spread that is to help you determine your greatest strength. There is another spread that can be used along with this, but I will post it later.
Card One: My Current Strength.Card Two: How Can I Utilize It.Card Three: The Road It Will Lead To.Card Four: What strength I need to develop.
Spread © The Tarot Bible.
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