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Pagan Ramblings
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I'm 23, I live in Texas, and I'm learning the ins and outs of an animistic, ever-morphing faith while trying to balance work, living with my fiance, and trying to remain sane.

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You don’t have to believe in Pop Culture Paganism.
You don’t have to practice it.
You don’t have to agree with it.

But you aren’t better than those who do practice it.
You aren’t “more spiritual”.
And if you are disrespectful to those who practice it, they don’t owe you a fucking thing.

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In the sixteenth century the Irish used to leave the right arms of their male children unchristened, to the intent that they might give a more deadly strike when fighting

— Excerpt From: Folklore Society (Great Britain). “Irish Folklore.” [London, Folklore Society], 1890. (via charlottesarahscrivener)

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The Anubis Murders by nJoo
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Meditation on death. Photo © Ellamorte.
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Nikolaï Astrup (Norv. 1880-1928), Spring Night and Willow Goblin, colour woodcut with hand colouring printed on heavy paper, 35 x 27 cm
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